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Sky Blue #3 - OPEN
twsprees wrote in tw_sprees
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Min. Capping @ 10 items

Spree will closed on Wednesday (Jun 17), 6pm.
Payments have to be in before the deadline.

Status: 22

Joel - 2 items [S$42.90 paid]
Doris - 4 items [S$68.69 paid]
Yong Ling - 2 items [unpaid]
Hui Fang - 2 items [unpaid]
Amanda - 2 items [unpaid]
Daphne - 9 items [S$164.84 paid]
Huey Min - 1 item [S$18.29 paid]

Exchange rate is NT 1 = SGD 0.055

Total Amount: [Total price in NT x 0.055] + [Shipping & Handling Fees x Quantity] + Postage (if you opt for it)

~ Unpaid orders after the deadline will be auto cancelled.
~ Please make payment promptly.
~ Regular updates will be done on this site.
~ Only one mass email will be done when the items arrive.

To order, kindly refer to navigation bar for "Order Form Sample".

Join Only If You Are Comfortable With The Terms & Conditions


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